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Forensics Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
ENG124  College Composition
BUS124  Business Analysis with Algebra
BUS221  Microeconomics
COM121  Effective Speaking
CFS136  Principles of Information Security
ACC132  Financial Accounting
ACC235  Forensic Accounting
AOT226  Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel
NET120  PC Upgrading and Maintenance
ACC127  Quantitative Business Statistics
ACC221  Intermediate Accounting I
ACC133  Managerial Accounting
ACC228  Business Taxation
ACC130  Business Law & Ethics
MTH106  Math for Technology
ACC237  Fraud Examination
ACC223  Cost Accounting
ACC238  Financial Statement Analysis
CFS137  Computer Crime and Investigation
Arts & Humanities Elective


The accounting program - forensic accounting major curriculum provides the students with a foundation in accounting theory, and related courses in other areas of business, including a detailed knowledge of the types of fraud, fraud prevention and fraud detection. Emphasis is placed on the design of effective internal control systems, monitoring of compliance with those systems and the gathering and documentation of forensic evidence when fraud has occurred or is suspected. Students will learn many of the requirements and monitoring and reporting provisions of the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

The goal is that students successfully completing the forensic accounting major will be exposed to all the tools and skills necessary to be successful in an accounting career. In addition, they will have knowledge specific to the area of fraud prevention and detection, the gathering and reporting of forensic information in a fraud case and Sarbanes Oxley compliance.