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Fundamental Payroll One-Year Certificate

Certificate Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BUS124  Business Analysis with Algebra
ACC130  Business Law & Ethics
ACC132  Financial Accounting
ACC227  Payroll Accounting
AOT226  Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel
ENG124  College Composition
ACC234  Advanced Payroll
ACC229  Computerized Accounting Applications
ACC124  Individual Taxation


A small business operating as a sole-proprietor wants to add their first employee. What has to be done to add this employee? A federal identification number has to be applied for, the business must register as a withholding agent with the State of Ohio and possibly the city where the business is located. An application has to be submitted to the Ohio Job and Family Services and the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. That is just to get started.

The accounting records have to be modified to accommodate all the new accounts that payroll, payroll tax withholding and payroll tax expense require. Quarterly, semi-annual and annual payroll tax forms are required. Who is going to do all this for the small business?

Large companies employ payroll people in their payroll department as well. Compliance with federal and state payroll and employee laws has created the need for the payroll professional.

The goal for the graduate of the fundamental payroll certificate program is to successfully pass the Fundamental Payroll Examination administrated by the American Payroll Association. The graduate would be able to assist the previously described small business and all others like them.