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CAT Lift Truck

Certificate Course Sequence

AUT121  Automotive Technical Skills
AUT123  Engine Diagnosis and Major Service
AUT125  Automotive Electrical and Accessory Circuits
AUT181  Intro to CAT Lift Trucks
AUT182  CAT Operator Safety Training
AUT183  CAT Service Information System
AUT184  CAT Hydraulic Systems
AUT185  CAT Internal Combustion Engine
AUT186  CAT Masts and Lift Mechanisms
AUT187  CAT Electrical Systems
AUT188  CAT Steering Systems
AUT189  CAT Braking Systems
AUT281  CAT Differentials and Front Axles
AUT282  CAT Transmissions
AUT283  CAT Fuel Systems (LP, Gasoline)


The Caterpillar Lift Truck (CLT) Program can be pursued as a career enhancement certificate or as an associate degree. The CLT courses are available to Stark State automotive students as electives to the one-year career enhancement certificate, the two-year career enhancement certificate, or the two-year automotive associate degree. The CLT courses are also available to graduates of NATEF accredited college-level automotive programs and to automotive technicians possessing at least two ASE certifications.

The CLT program is designed exclusively for the student who is seeking a career as a service technician at a Caterpillar Lift Truck dealership. The Caterpillar-specific curriculum is produced by MCFA. It prepares the student for a career as a Caterpillar Lift Truck Technician by providing Caterpillar Lift Truck’s core certification courses that are needed for advancement at a CAT Lift Truck dealership. 

The CLT curriculum is a blend of classroom theory and hands-on lab assignments. The curriculum follows OSHA and Industrial Truck Association (ITA) guidelines. CLT classes are scheduled to run on selected Fridays throughout each semester, including the summer, and are a full day in length.

Information on prerequisite courses can be found on the automotive technology one-year career enhancement certificate, the two-year career enhancement certificate or the two-year automotive associate degree advising sheets.