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Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BIO141  General Biology I (lab)
MTH125  College Algebra
CHM101  Introduction to Chemistry
BST120  Introduction to Biotechnology
BST121  Basic Biotechnology Methods
ENG124  College Composition
Biology Elective 1
PHL122  Ethics
BST122  Advanced Biotechnology Methods
BST130  Biotechnology Seminar I
MTH124  Statistics
SCI273  Special Topics in Science
BST240  Bioinformatics
BST221  Cell & Tissue Culture (1st 8-weeks)
BST225  Biotechnology Instrumentation (2nd 8-weeks)
BST222  Cellular & Subcellular Separations
CHM141  General Chemistry I (lab)
BIO242  Cell and Molecular Biology (lab)
BST250  Bioprocesses and Manufacturing
CHM142  General Chemistry II (lab)
Biology Elective 1


A highly marketable biotech degree is your ticket to enter the workforce directly or to transfer to a four-year college or university with hands-on training in PCR, electrophoresis, high performance liquid chromatography, western blots, cell and tissue culture and gene sequencing. You’ll be trained in standard operating procedures, general manufacturing processes, record-keeping and lab safety in small classes by highly qualified faculty who provide career guidance. Along with exceptional lab facilities, you’ll have practical learning experiences and networking opportunities with local industry partners.

Many program courses can be applied to the associate of science—general or associate of science—biology degrees.

Associate of applied science in biotechnology

The biotechnology career enhancement certificate gives you foundational skills for the biotech field and benefits you whether you’re just starting out or already have a bachelor’s degree but would like more hands-on experience for the job market.

The certificate is stackable toward the associate degree in biotechnology and gives you the skills you need to secure a summer internship.

WORK in many areas, including
·       bioenergy
·       environmental testing
·       food science/processing
·       manufacturing
·       medical research
·       pharmaceuticals
·       medical research

·       undergraduate research assistant

·       entry-level lab technician

·       entry-level research technician

·       quality control technician

·       entry-level manufacturing technician

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