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Chemical Dependency Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
SWK121  Introduction to Social Welfare
ENG124  College Composition
SOC121  Sociology
COM121  Effective Speaking
SWK125  Substance Abuse
CDC121  Chemical Dependency: Assessment and Treatment Planning
SWK224  Poverty in the U.S.
PSY121  General Psychology
SOC225  Cultural Diversity
CDC122  Fundamentals of Chemical Dependency Practice I
SWK225  Victim and Crisis Intervention
CDC222  Fundamentals of Chemical Dependency Practice II
SWK126  Human Behavior and the Social Environment
MTH124  Statistics
CDC221  Chemical Dependency and Family
CDC223  Chemical Dependency and Prevention
CDC224  Chemical Dependency and Ethics
PSC121  Political Science
BUS122  Basic Economics
SWK231  HSS Practicum/Seminar
SWK127  Group Processes
BIO127  Human Biology
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals


The associate of applied science degree in human and social services - chemical dependency is designed for those interested in counseling individuals, groups and families affected by alcohol or other drug dependency.  According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), 75 percent of the clients served by social workers have substance abuse/dependency disorders, but only three percent of the social workers have certifications/licensure to work with this population.

This associate degree provides students entering the field of alcohol and drug treatment with knowledge of theory and practice used to effectively treat persons with substance abuse and dependency disorders. 

Students graduating in this program will be provided the knowledge to take the licensure examination for chemical dependency counselors with a two-year associate degree. 

What Stark State can do with these majors:

  • Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant  - outpatient treatment
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant - detoxification setting
  • Case Manager - residential or outpatient chemical dependency setting
  • Social Work Assistant - residential treatment facility
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor II – with licensure and prior work experience