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Computer Maintenance and Desktop Support Technician One-Year Certificate

Certificate Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
MTH106  Math for Technology
CPD121  Data Modeling and Database Design
CIS121  Help Desk and Customer Support Concepts
CPD222  Microsoft SQL Server Database
NET120  PC Upgrading and Maintenance
NET121  Introduction to Computer Networking
ITD105  Computer Applications - Excel
ITD106  Computer Applications - Access
CIS126  Fundamentals of Information Systems
ITD123  MAC Concepts
NET131  Microsoft Client Operating System
NET244  Microsoft Networking I


This one-year certificate focuses on computer repair, desktop applications, and operating systems preparing the student for an entry-level position in the field of computer repair and desktop support. Students are provided with a solid foundation in personal computer hardware, operating systems, and data communications through theory and hands-on experiences in the laboratory. Courses in computer applications (software) are provided to augment student knowledge of computer systems.