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Dietary Manager

Dietary managers, under the direction of a dietician, assist with nutrition therapy, dietetics, employee management and food safety. Students may earn an associate of science with a concentration in dietary management or a one-year certificate in dietary management. As students you are eligible for the ANFP Pre-Professional membership.  Students who complete the certificate and graduate are eligible to take the national certification exam offered by the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals and to join as ANFP Professional Members. Two credentials are earned upon passing the exam – Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) and Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP). Students also earn the nationally recognized certificate of ServSafe Food Protection Certification, accredited by the American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection (CFP).

CDMs and CFFPs are nationally recognized experts at managing food service operations. A CDM works with registered dietitians to provide quality nutritional care for clients in a variety of settings, including health-care facilities, nursing homes, rehab facilities, senior living communities, hospitals, correctional facilities and schools. They perform a variety of specialized tasks that may include: overseeing large-scale meal planning and preparation; budgeting for and purchasing food, equipment and supplies; enforcing sanitary and safety regulation, and preparing records and reports. They may provide supportive nutrition screening, documentation and care planning.

Once you have been admitted to Stark State, you will need to apply to the program and complete all the requirements.  The certificate is a 17 credit program, while the associate consists of 63 credits. The program, at a minimum, which is the certificate, consists of 120 classroom hours and 150 field experience hours.  Classroom instruction is taught by qualified and experienced instructors. The field experience hours are precepted by qualified professionals and a dietitian oversees the minimum of 50 nutrition hours.  Most students are able to complete the certificate in two semesters and the associate in two years.  Additional information is available on the college website in regards to different policies and procedures for a new student.  Information can also be obtained from the Dietary Program Director.

The Stark State College Dietary Management Program is accredited by the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP), 406 Surrey Woods Drive, St. Charles, IL 60174.  Their phone is 800-323-1908 and can be found at

The associate of science in dietary manager can serve as the first step toward a bachelor’s degree in dietetics or nutrition. Work experience and completion of a dietary manager certificate may be adequate to obtain many positions. A dietary manager credential, such as the certificate or associate degree, allows you to work in the field while pursuing an advanced degree. Some positions in dietary management, such as a director of nutrition at a hospital or government agency, require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

For course descriptions visit here.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
IDT122 Computer Applications for Professionals
ENG124 College Composition
PSY121 General Psychology
DMA121 ServSafe
DMA131 Foodservice I for the Dietary Manager
DMA141 Nutrition for the Dietary Manager
DMA151 Foodservice II for the Dietary Manager
ENG221 Technical Report Writing
BIO101 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
CHM101 Introduction to Chemistry
BIO123 Principles of Human Structure and Function
COM121 Effective Speaking
MTH105 Math for Allied Health or MTH125 College Algebra
SOC121 Sociology
Arts & Humanities Elective
PSY122 Psychology of Adjustment
MAT124 Medical Law & Ethics
BIO221 Principles of Microbiology
Arts & Humanities Elective


One-Year Certificate Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
DMA121  ServSafe
DMA131  Foodservice I for the Dietary Manager
MTH125  College Algebra or MTH105 Math for Allied Health
ENG124  College Composition
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
DMA141  Nutrition for the Dietary Manager
DMA151  Foodservice II for the Dietary Manager
BIO101  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
CHM101  Introduction to Chemistry


Career Enhancement Certificate Course Sequence

DMA121  ServeSafe
SSC101  Student Success Seminar
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
DMA131  Foodservice I for the Dietary Manager
DMA141  Nutrition for the Dietary Manager
DMA151  Foodservice II for the Dietary Manager