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Emergency Medical Services Degree

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BIO101  Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
EMS122  Paramedic I
EMS124  Paramedic I Clinical
FST224  Legal Aspects
EMS221  Paramedic II
EMS223  Paramedic II Clinical
ENG124  College Composition
EMS222  Paramedic III
BIO125  Medical Terminology
EMS224  Paramedic IV
MTH125  College Algebra
COM122  Interpersonal Communication
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
PSY121  General Psychology
HIT230  Healthcare Delivery in the US
PHL122  Ethics


Paramedics are highly-regarded health professionals, in part due to television and public events that have heightened awareness of this profession.

The world of emergency medical services (EMS) is very dynamic, changing and evolving continually. Paramedics have many new challenges in the care of the ill and injured requiring a higher standard of learning, particularly with interests of national security. The field of paramedicine is evolving to new areas beyond emergency care in the streets.

Stark State College offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree of Emergency Medical Services. The EMT and paramedic certification courses are included within this degree pathway, as well as courses designed to enhance management skills in the healthcare industry.

Stark State College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The emergency medical program is accredited by the Ohio Department of Public Safety Division of EMS #008 for EMS education and follows the national standard curriculum according to the Ohio Administrative Code 4765 for all levels of EMS providers.

According to various sections of the Ohio Law and Regulations for Certification and Licensure Boards, persons convicted of any misdemeanor or felony are required to report this information to the applicable licensure/certification board. For more information, contact the Emergency Medical Services Program Coordinator.

Please be advised that this curriculum could change. Students are required to follow the program curriculum in effect when they begin taking technical courses, not when students are accepted to the College or program.