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Police Science

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
ENG124  College Composition
CJS121  Introduction to Criminal Justice
PHL122  Ethics
Computer Technology Elective
Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective

ENG231  College Composition II
CJS221  Criminology
Technical Elective
Mathematics Elective
Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective

CJS140  Law Enforcement Academy I
SOC225  Cultural Diversity
COM121  Effective Speaking
Technical Elective
CJS240  Law Enforcement Academy II
BIO125  Medical Terminology
CJS227  Criminal Justice Practicum & Seminar


Police Science Career
Enhancement Certificate

CJS140  Law Enforcement Academy I
CJS240  Law Enforcement Academy II


The associate of applied science degree in police science prepares students for entry level positions in local law enforcement. Job opportunities may include municipal, township or village police officer, deputy sheriff, state wildlife officer or other law enforcement positions.

The degree also increases current law enforcement officers’ opportunities for advancement in rank. In addition, current law enforcement supervisors may enhance their leadership skills through completion of the degree program.

The degree includes general coursework combined with a variety of criminal justice classes and the law enforcement academy.  Academic credit for the law enforcement academy portion of the program is available to officers who have successfully completed the Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy. Note that, with the exception of the law enforcement academy, the vast majority of this degree can be completed online.