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Sports Management Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BUS121  Business Administration
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
BUS124  Business Analysis with Algebra
ENG124  College Composition
MTH106  Math for Technology
MKT121  Principles of Marketing
MGT121  Principles of Management
MGT122  Introduction to Sports Management
ACC127  Quantitative Business Statistics
ACC132  Financial Accounting
MGT221  Supervision
BUS222  Macroeconomics
MKT225  Sports Sales
ACC133  Managerial Accounting
MGT224  Human Resource Management
COM121  Effective Speaking or ENG230 Business Communication
MGT235  Facility & Event Management for Sports
MGT236  Sports & Ethics
MGT232  International Business
Arts & Humanities Elective


Get your game on. If you’re interested in sports, finance, management and leadership, you’ll want to consider a sports management degree. You’ll have a chance of not only working with athletes, but also seeing the corporate and business side of the sports world. Passionate people can find great opportunities in the intercollegiate or professional sports industries.

Part of the business management program, this major helps you take a step toward opportunities in sports administration, marketing and promotion, ethics, facility and event management and other areas.