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Sustainable / Alternative Energy One-Year Certificate

Certificate Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
MTH125  College Algebra
AET121  Sustainable/Alternative Energy Sources
AET122  Analysis/Apps of Sustainable Alternative Energy
EST230  Electrical Circuits and Devices
MET225  Manufacturing Processes
DET125  Basic AutoCAD
AET123  Sustainable/Alternative Energy Systems
AET124  Sustainable/Alternative Energy Project
EET227  PLCs and Industrial Controls I
EET128  National Electric Code & Electrical System Design
DET230  Advanced AutoCAD


This one-year certificate is for the individual who is interested in the field of sustainable alternative energy technology. The program covers all methods of effectively evaluating, analyzing, implementing, and maintaining alternative sources of energy which include solar, wind, biomass to energy, geothermal, and micro-hydroelectric power systems to generate clean carbon-free energy. Also covered are alternative energy subsystems, balance of plant systems, interconnect systems, and safety procedures. With a faculty advisor the student will design and build a sustainable alternative energy system.