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UNIX/LINUX Database Administration Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
CFS129  Cryptography
CSE122  Programming Logic and Problem Solving
NET120  PC Upgrading and Maintenance
NET121  Intro to Computer Networking
CPD121  Data Modeling and Database Design
ENG124  College Composition
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
NET131  Microsoft Client Operating System
NET220  UNIX/LINUX Operating Environment
CFS136  Principles of Information Security
MTH125  College Algebra
COM121  Effective Speaking
CPD122  Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL
CFS275  Ethical Hacking
NET266  UNIX/LINUX Network Administration
CPD223  Oracle Database: Architecture & Administration
NET264  UNIX/LINUX System Administration
NET280  Web Server Administration
PHY101  Principles of Physics (lab)
Arts & Humanities or Social Science Elective


This program provides the student with knowledge on computer network administration with special emphasis on the Unix/Linux operating systems and also administration of the Oracle relational database management system. Medium to large scale companies typically have heterogeneous network environments. These companies will typically have many Windows desktop client machines, but store their critical data on one or more large Unix database servers. This course will provide the user with the standard knowledge of Microsoft Windows clients and server, administration of Unix/Linux servers, standard SQL syntax, and administration of the Oracle RDBMS.