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Automotive Technology Center

  • Completed: Spring 2005
  • Classes began January 18, 2005

Construction of the new $4.2 million dollar Automotive Technology Center, located at 5600 Whipple Ave., was completed in early Spring 2005. The building and land for the project were purchased with $1.7 million dollars in capital appropriation funds that were awarded by the Ohio Board of Regents. The College provided $2.5 million dollars to complete the renovation.

The new Automotive Technology Center is approximately 40,000 square feet, and:

  • is designed to provide stand alone support for the Business Division’s Automotive Technology Programs, GM ASEP, Toyota T-TEN, Honda PACT, and the Comprehensive Automotive Program
  • includes a 24-station computer classroom/lab and two Business/General Studies classrooms
  • allows students, enrolled in the automotive programs, to take all requirements for an associate degree in automotive technology at this all new state-of-the-art automotive training facility.


* Project began: September 2004