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Material and Equipment Requirements

Theory I and Theory II Text/Course Materials –

Material obtained through the Stark State Bookstore:

  • StenEd Realtime Theory Volume I (#115) (includes the text; lesson exercises on CD provided in Course Notebook) Beverly
    Loeblien Ritter, Stenotype Educational
  • Reader for StenEd Realtime Theory (#105)
  • The Ultimate Finger Drill Book, (FD001)
  • StenEd Realtime Professional Dictionary (#551)
  • StenEd Realtime Dictionary of Briefs and Phrases (#553)

Access provided through Instructor during first week of class:

Realtime Coach Online Tutorial - combines the latest technologies to deliver the most comprehensive learning experience ever created for Court Reporting, Captioning and CART:

  • Streaming Video, Audio, Text
  • Computer Assisted Transcription (CAT) technology
  • Focused Feedback™ System
  • Realtime Reports™
  • Web hosting technologies

Equipment obtained through Stenograph:

  • Stentura Protégé or Wave Computerized Stenograph Machine
  • Case Catalyst student version realtime software (ask for StenEd translation dictionary)
  • Steno paper (bulk order from Stenograph) - if machine uses paper

Equipment obtained through Radio Shack or Best Buy:

  • Full-ear Headphones with volume control and an extra long cord
  • Red Pen

The texts and most of the related materials listed above will be used in both Realtime Theory I and II. The steno paper and machine ribbons will have to be replenished periodically. All course/text materials listed above are required for online students as well as on campus student.