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Minority Student Awareness Committee (M.S.A.C.)

TRiO’s new Minority Student Awareness Committee (M.S.A.C.) is off to a great start! This committee is an Advisory Board that consists of TRiO students who have major responsibilities which include, heightening the awareness of minority students in TRiO to the programs and services that exist in TRiO, fostering a competitive and productive academic environment, creating a networking outlet for TRiO minority students, and working to increase the participation level of minority students in TRiO as well. In an effort to execute committee goals, the Advisory Board has elected officers who serve on the committee and will conduct regularly scheduled meetings where topics ranging from students’ needs in TRiO to campus-wide and socially-conscience issues will be discussed.

Coming soon, M.S.A.C. (pronounced as “M-Sac”) will be open to the TRiO-student community! The officers and Advisory Board members of M.S.A.C. are currently in the process of designing activities and programs that will be both beneficial and productive for students in TRiO.

If you have any questions concerning M.S.A.C. please contact:

Murray L. Hooten III
Retention Specialist/M.S.A.C. Coordinator/Advisor
TRiO Student Support Services
Stark State College
330-494-6170, Ext. 4170