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Quotable Quotes

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  • Even in the bleakest of times, there is a presence of soul.

  • In difficult times, the noble soul follows his heart – not the crowd.

  • Bless your mistakes! You wouldn’t be where you are today without them.

  • Without sadness, how could I ever dance?

  • The grace of your tender support when I was most vulnerable is forever pictured in my memory. Thank you for your love.

  • When sharing a simple meal, it is in the stories that are told that our beloved comes and sits quietly by our side.

  • When we lose someone we love, we often feel alone at the end of the day.
    In your time of grief, please know that I am with you.

  • Sometimes we need to be carried.

  • The warm saltiness of flowing tears does heal a wounded heart.

  • When words fail, prayerful silence will do.

  • If eyes are the windows to the soul, then tears come from its depth.

Challenging Times | Love | Special Days | Thought Provoking | Warm Fuzzies


  • As I reflect on our friendship, because you are who you are, there is a brilliance in my life that will never fade.

  • As the sun sets low and the world slows down, you come to mind yet again. A smile of joy comes over me, for you are my good and dear friend.

  • The sweet grace of your friendship allows an honoring of the divine made flesh.

  • Giving your heart to someone is not a single but constant revelation of a newly discovered and absolute truth of a far greater heart.

  • And the greatest of these is…you!

  • Who I am becoming is due in large part by how well I am loved by you.

  • Love is the reason you are alive!

  • As with God, in you, I rejoice!

  • May the love we have be extravagant!

  • I love because I am loved.

  • The story of my life is filled with memories of you.

  • Email will never say: “I love you” like a card with a stamp!

  • There is a special magic when I see the first flower of spring. Such is the way I feel each time I see you.

  • When I’m with you, my heart rejoices, my soul soars and my feet dance.

  • A true friend listens more to the silences than to the beloved.

  • The gracefulness of your sweet face presents a profound invitation to enter more deeply the sacredness of life.

  • Heaven ceases to be a place beyond whenever you are with me.

  • Being held in your tender arms, the angels sing a lullaby to my frantic spirit and I completely surrender.

  • I recognize myself in your eyes.

  • The twinning of souls begins with awe and deepens with understanding.

Challenging Times | Love | Special Days | Thought Provoking | Warm Fuzzies


  • Never since my birth
    Has there been a greater need
    For a Bethlehem Child!
    A blessed Christmas to all!

  • With all the crosses we’ve had to bear this year, we gain great comfort and strength in knowing that God’s love will deliver us.
    A Blessed Christmas To All!

  • We celebrate the union of your hearts and pray that your love for each other continues to blossom.
    Wedding blessings always!

  • Come take my hand and walk with me.
    Tell me stories for miles and miles.
    Then honor you, I will
    Through my tears and smiles
    For a life of integrity.

  • As a child, you were this huge man to me.
    And now that I’m an adult, you’re even bigger!
    Happy Father’s Day Dad!

  • The pride you have for your children is surpassed only by my admiration and love of you as both husband and father.
    Happy Father’s Day

  • When I said “I Do”, I meant that I would love you forever.
    And after all these years, I still do.

  • Because of your love for me, I am who I am today. For that reason, today I celebrate the sanctity of your precious life for which I am eternally grateful.

  • The day you were born, the heavens parted and a divine gift was bestowed upon us.

  • Birthday tradition suggests that I bring a gift to the one having the birthday. Truth is, YOU are the gift to me.

Challenging Times | Love | Special Days | Thought Provoking | Warm Fuzzies


  • Life can be a balancing act.
    Go for it!

  • Constant rubbing only wears both sides down until nothing is left but a hole.

  • The great moments of life are those times when you realize there is little difference between a blade of grass, a soaring eagle and you.

  • The uniqueness of one’s life needs to be lived heroically.

  • May your work elevate your nature.

  • The silence in the spaces between the words of a poem is where the voice of God can be heard.

  • To embrace your nothingness is really something!

  • Try to change me and I will resist you as surely as day follows night. Accept me for who I am and you will see a transformation as surely as spring follows winter.

  • The important thing about a 1000 mile journey is the journey itself – not its completion.

  • Go thee into the wilderness to discover that which cannot be found in crowded places.

  • The greatest of prayers is…WOW!

  • Cruelty is the mask of fear. Compassion is the robe of love.

  • Naming your fear causes its diminishment.

  • May everything you do be a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

  • What you do today creates who we become tomorrow.

  • Be a collector of stories!

  • Imagine your possibilities!

  • Choose the roles you play!

  • Live your life with an engaged spirit!

  • One of the most beautiful ways to bring soulfulness into our lives…is to dream.

  • Life is less a spiritual journey than it is a spiritual excavation.

  • Vision is essential for direction. Desire is necessary for movement in that direction.

  • There can be no tug-of-war if one side refuses to pull.

  • I use to pray for someone’s heart to be converted. Now I pray for an expansion of my own.

  • Transformation takes place when people see rightly with the heart.

  • Happiness is not the absence of difficulties but rather the confidence of endurance and the gratitude of ability.

  • Some problems don’t need fixing – they need understanding.

  • Using solitude as your canvas and silence as your brush, you will never paint a still-life picture.

Challenging Times | Love | Special Days | Thought Provoking | Warm Fuzzies


  • I Believe!

  • If opposites attract, then we are a perfect pair!

  • If God is in the details… Behold!

  • When you give voice to your song, a chorus of angels will join you and God weeps with joy.

  • For angels to fly, there are three ingredients:
    a. A deep desire
    b. A lightness of being
    c. Enough room to spread their wings.

  • I wish my arms were long enough to hug the world. Perhaps it is as well to simply lie prostrate and allow her to hug me.

  • The pure melody of laughter lifts the soul to embrace the heavens.

  • The answers to life’s most difficult questions are to be found in a well-tended garden or a soothing creek.

  • Today is full of possibilities…spend it well!

  • May everything you do –
    Be a prayer.

  • Walk back with me the paths that once we fled in mindless haste.

  • There is no home like place!

  • In my ripened years, few things are as comforting as a child’s hug, a good yarn or a perfectly chosen poem.

Challenging Times | Love | Special Days | Thought Provoking | Warm Fuzzies