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Corporate Services and Continuing Education Assessment


The Corporate Services and Continuing Education Division provides quality noncredit education and training programs to meet the professional and personal goals of our customers. Our delivery of customized, relevant programming ensures that we are a catalyst for lifelong learning as we remain consistently committed to the success of individuals and businesses.
The of Stark State College will be the premier provider of continuing education and specialized training opportunities that lead to personal enrichment, career advancement, corporate success, and community and economic development.
As the Corporate Services and Continuing Education Division of Stark State College, we value:
Lifelong Learning:
We are the home of Kids’ College, which provides summer learning experiences for children as young as 1st grade. Conversely, this Division provides programming specifically tailored to the interests of seniors. Special care is taken to ensure that there is something of interest for all individuals across the life span in the pursuit of personal enrichment.
Community and Business Partnerships:
We have a well-earned reputation for working collaboratively with businesses throughout our diverse economic development region. We play a primary role in ensuring that individuals remain competent in a wide range of career fields, knowing that skill enhancement is an important indicator of corporate success.
Quality Educational Experience:
Our training will provide current and pertinent information, delivered in a stimulating environment, and managed by a compassionate and dedicated team of professionals.