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Directory - Faculty/Staff

Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Ext. Room Email
Barath Michael Adjunct Instructor Information Security and Digital Media 330-494-6170 4997 C100
Barbato Jean Case Manager Oil and Gas Technologies 330-494-6170 5194 B215h
Barber Justin Assistant Professor of English English Department 330-494-6170 4078 E220
Barber Camille Adjunct Instructor English Department 330-494-6170 5324 E209
Barbur Lucian Adjunct Instructor Information Security and Digital Media 330-494-6170 5659 C100
Barcus Christine Adjunct Instructor Nursing Department 330-494-6170 5153 J300
Barlak James Assistant Professor of Information Technology Computer Science and Information Systems 330-494-6170 4342 C100v
Barnard Mark Custodian-Sub Physical Plant 330-494-6170
Barnes MaryKay Adjunct Instructor Occupational Therapist Assistant 330-494-6170 5651 J300
Barnes Jennifer Adjunct Instructor Education Department 330-494-6170 5172 T108a
Barnes Joshua Adjunct Instructor Automotive and Transportation Technology 330-494-6170 5830 Auto
Barnett James Adjunct Instructor Management and Marketing 330-494-6170 4736 M208
Barnett Steven Adjunct Instructor Human and Social Services Department 330-494-6170 5119 T108a
Barrow Sarah Tutor Biology 330-494-6170
Barth Cherie Student Life Coordinator Admissions 330-494-6170 4237 S302a
Bartholomew Kimberly Adjunct Instructor Social Sciences 330-494-6170 5051 E209
Bartley Claudia Department Chair of Physics Physics 330-494-6170 4638 E257
Bartley Corey Adjunct Instructor Biology 330-494-6170 4200 E209
Battershell Wendi Department Chair/Assistant Professor of Communications, Humanities and Reading Communications, Humanities and Reading 330-494-6170 4958 E258
Bauer Scott Adjunct Instructor Emergency Services Department 330-494-6170 5410 H209