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Directory - Faculty/Staff

Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Ext. Room Email
Benning Theresa Adjunct Instructor Education Department 330-494-6170 4909 T108a
Bentler Barbara Lab Assistant Medical Laboratory Technology 330-494-6170 4990 J102
Benzie Brent Associate Professor of Automotive Technology Automotive and Transportation Technology 330-494-6170 4324 A106c
Berczik Timothy Adjunct Instructor Emergency Services Department 330-494-6170 J300
Berens Robert Instructor of Mathematics Mathematics Department 330-494-6170 4018 E241
Berens Robert Instructor of English English Department 330-494-6170 4844 E208a
Berger Byron Adjunct Instructor Biology 330-494-6170 4957 E209
Berlyak Kami Adjunct Instructor Administrative Services and Office Applications 330-494-6170 5792 C100
Bernstein Kathryn Director of Disability Support Services Disability Support Services 330-494-6170 4423 S307b
Berry Amber Adjunct Instructor Nursing Department 330-494-6170 4862 J300
Bertram Cynthia Retention Specialist TRiO Student Support Services 330-494-6170 4171 B230c
Bertram Fred Department Chair, Emergency Services Emergency Services Department 330-494-6170 4336 J312
Bertsch Kendra Administrative Assistant Business and Entrepreneurial Studies 330-494-6170 4473 M301
Betro Michael Computer/Network Technician Academic Technology Services 330-494-6170 4503 B222
Betz Stephanie Adjunct Instructor Medical Assisting Department 330-494-6170 4826 J300
Bhattacharjee Indrani Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 330-494-6170 E209
Biedenbach Christopher Assistant Professor of Sociology Social Sciences 330-494-6170 5311 E208g
Biehl Jane Adjunct Instructor Education Department 330-494-6170 T108a
Bille Donna Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 330-494-6170 4459 E209
Bisbee David Adjunct Instructor Accounting and Finance 330-494-6170 4883 M208