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Engineering Technologies Division

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Students majoring in engineering, industrial, and emerging technologies may pursue the associate of applied science degree in a variety of engineering programs. Engineering is a field in which scientific principles and techniques are applied toward solutions of problems in business and industry. The engineering technician typically works as a member of a professional team (technician/ technologist), assisting the engineer and coordinating work performed by skilled workers. Areas of responsibility include: research, design, development, supervision, sales and production. Applied industrial technology technicians use similar abilities, with emphasis on areas of supervision, operations and skilled maintenance in a variety of areas. These areas include health care facilities, educational institutions and industrial settings.

In addition to these programs, the engineering, industrial, and emerging technologies division offers a number of career enhancement certificates designed to enhance specific sets of skills.

Bachelor's degree:
In most of the associate degree programs, all or nearly all courses may be applied toward a bachelor's degree in technology. Bachelor's degree requirements and course transferability are controlled by the institution to which the student plans to transfer.

High school students:
High school students graduating from a college tech prep program can get a head start on their engineering associate degrees.

For more information, please call Stark State's Office of Admissions/Student Services at (330) 966-5450.

"At Sandia we’re asked to hire the best and the brightest – and we find that at Stark State. Just in the past few years we’ve offered 16 hiring packages to Stark State students."

-Brenda Long (pictured above with Dr. Jones)
  CAD design drafter for Sandia National Laboratories
  Stark State 2010, civil engineering
  2+2 program with Stark State College and Kent State University


"Stark State students are well-prepared in many of the CAD programs Sandia uses. Since 1980 Sandia has hired more than 55 Stark State grads, including the 38 who currently work there. What was fantastic for me and the other students is that Sandia hires straight from the two-year program. Your associate degree gets you a job."

-Shane Ruzinksy (pictured above with Dr. Jones)
  Sandia National Laboratories employee
  Stark State 2011, mechanical engineering technology