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ANGEL Troubleshooting

Do You Need Help?
The information on this page is designed to guide you through several self-help remedies for fixing your problem. If you must contact the Help Desk to resolve your issue, please refer to the "Contacting Help Desk" list below to be sure you provide the necessary information to most quickly and accurately resolve your situation.

Contacting Help Desk
When contacting the Help Desk, please provide the following information:

  • Your contact information (First and Last Name, Email, Phone)
  • Stark State College Email account name (if known)
  • Your userID (ie. jsmith0615)
  • The course in which you are experiencing a problem (Course: ECA281 & CRN: 21135)
  • Is your problem happening on a home computer or at the College?
  • Identify the name of the content item and the location in ANGEL (e.g. Week 4 > Assignment folder > Quiz 3) where the problem is occurring
  • The name and version of the browser you are currently using (Firefox, Internet Explorer 9)

Contact the Help Desk:

Phone: 330-494-6170, Ext. 4357 (HELP)

ANGEL Login Help
All of your accounts will use the same format for the User Name and the initial default Password.
Your User Name is the first initial of your first name, your last name, your two-digit birth month and two digit birth day.  Example: Fredrick M. Last, born on June 15, 1992, would be flast0615

NOTE: If your User Name duplicates that of a previously-enrolled student, the birth day portion of the
number will be incremented until a unique user name is assigned to your account.

Your default Password is your first, middle, last initial, period, and the first six digits of your social
security number. Example: using the above user information, and if Fred’s social security number is
123-45-6789, the password would be fml.123456

NOTE: if you did not provide a middle name or initial, use an “ x” for your middle initial.


ANGEL Troubleshooting TipsBrowser issues
Internet Explorer is the browser software shipped with Windows-based computers.  eStarkState recommends downloading and using Firefox ( as the browser for ANGEL.  If you are using Internet Explorer and you are still experiencing problems, or if you would like to leave your Internet Explorer settings as they are, you may try downloading the Firefox browser and use it to access ANGEL.

  1. ANGEL is only compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. What browser are you using?
    — To find this, start your browser and select Help > About…
  2. Are you using a HIGH SPEED INTERNET connection?
    — ANGEL functions best when used with a High Speed Internet connection. Wireless connections may also be used, but make sure you have a strong dedicated signal while accessing ANGEL.

    NOTE:  Wireless connections with intermittent signals or frequent disconnects will cause you many problems with ANGEL and in your courses!  It is best to complete tests and assessments over a wired connection.

  3. Are any other browser applications or games running?
    — This can severely affect your performance. This includes browser add-ons like Google or Yahoo toolbars. Close or disable any other browser applications, add-ons or games while you are accessing ANGEL. Do not use these applications while taking tests.
  4. Is ANGEL a trusted site in your browser?
    — From the Menu Bar, choose Tools > Properties > Security >Trusted Sites Icon>Sites button> add the following:
  5. Is your security level on the browser set correctly?
    — It is highly recommended that your browser settings be set medium to medium high.
  6. Is your cache refreshing with every visit?
    — To check your cache settings, choose Tools>Internet Options>General Tab> Browsing History section>Settings – Here you need to select Choose ‘Every Visit to the Page’ and click the OK button
  7. You may need to clear out your temporary Internet files.
    If you use Internet Explorer 7: Tools>Internet Options>General tab>Browsing History – click Delete > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files.
    If you use Internet Explorer 8: Tools>Internet Options>General> Browsing History>Delete>Check the Box next to Temporary Internet Files and then click Delete.
    If you use Internet Explorer 9: Tools>Internet Options>General> Browsing History>Delete>Check the Box next to Temporary Internet Files and UNCHECK the box next to “Preserve Favorite website data” and then click Delete.
  8. Are you bookmarking a page inside of ANGEL?
    — While you may bookmark the ANGEL sign-on page, DO NOT bookmark pages within ANGEL or your course. You must log-in to ANGEL each time you wish to use it.
  9. Have you tried the ANGEL Diagnostics Page?
    Click here to run a series of other browser checks on your computer (java, javascript, cookies, popups).
  10. Do you regularly scan for spyware, malware, viruses?
    Spyware and malware can cause many applications on your computer to function poorly or not at all.


Comments? Questions?
If you have any questions regarding eStarkState or ANGEL and could not find the answers on this site, please contact the Director of eStarkState.

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