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Fashion Merchandising

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
ENG124  College Composition
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
BUS121  Business Administration
FAS121  Fundamentals of the Fashion Industry
Arts & Humanities Elective
Mathematics Elective

COM121  Effective Speaking
BUS221  Microeconomics
FAS122  History of Fashion
English Composition Elective
Natural & Physical Sciences Elective
Arts & Humanities Elective

FAS221  Introduction to Textiles
FAS123  Visual Merchandising
SOC225  Cultural Diversity
Natural & Physical Science Elective
Arts & Humanities Elective
Social & Behavioral Science Elective
Business Elective


Thinking about a rewarding career in fashion? This business curriculum option covers career paths in fashion merchandising as well as product development, textiles and visual design. Study the historical perspective to modern fashion environments and best practices in the fashion industry. The course content includes fundamentals of the fashion industry, visual merchandising, and a historical perspective of fashion and textiles.