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Financial Aid and Registration Assessment


The mission of the Office of Financial Aid and Academic Records/Registration is to provide comprehensive scheduling and financial aid services to the College community in support of access and student academic success. Vision Statement: Serve as a catalyst to bring together existing student services expertise across the college community in order to eliminate boundaries, promote communication, and to enhance services to students.


  1. To provide information to the College community regarding “at-risk” students*.  
  2. To enhance the accessibility and utilization of the student and financial aid components of the Banner system.  
  3. To assist students with self sufficiency by promoting the use of mystarkstate and college email for general information and self service.   
  4. To meet Ohio Board of Regents HEI system reporting deadlines.
  5. To keep abreast of changes in federal, state, and institutional policies and procedures. 
  6. To develop and implement a records retention plan by June 30, 2012.
  7. To provide high quality, efficient, and courteous services to the College community.