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Alternative Transportation

Changing the way we travel is one of the hardest adjustments when moving toward a sustainable lifestyle.  There are many ecologically sound  alternatives like walking, biking,  car-pooling and public transportation.  Making these choices can reduce  your carbon footprint significantly. 

Bike to Stark State College and Around Town

Bicycle commuting can offer the benefits of improved health, reduced stress, and cost savings to the individual; and the potential for reduced congestion and air pollution for the region. Did you know Stark State has facilities just for people who bike to campus?  Bike racks are located in front of the Business & Entrepreneurial Studies Building and a shower room is located just inside the building.  For bicycling maps in  Stark County, visit the following sites:  Stark County Bicycle Club at,  Folks on Spokes at , Stark Parks at SARTA also has bike racks on the front of buses that allow you to take your bike with you on the bus.

Use Mass Transportation: Relax, Save $ and Help the Environment

Bus Service to Campus (SARTA)

High gas prices concern you? Temporarily without wheels? The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) can conveniently bring you right to front campus. Route schedules are available at the reception desk in the Student Center or visit SARTA at  Discounted bus passes are available!  Please ask at the front desk for more information.  For additional information on bussing in, around and out of Stark County, visit

Carpool, Ride-Share, or Car-Share in Stark County:  Riding in a vanpool drastically reduces commute costs. Vanpoolers share gas costs, tolls, parking costs, and other expenses. Based on figures provided by the American Automobile Association, driving alone to work 50 miles each way can cost over $8,000 a year. The same commute in a 14-person vanpool can cost as little as $1,300 annually. Did you know Ohio has a ride share site?  Check it out and more at

Hypermile:  Simple Ways to Maximize Your Fuel Economy,

Consider High Efficiency Vehicles:  Hybrids, Flex Fuel, Eco, Plug-ins, High Efficiency – What Does It All Mean?

Reducing Air Pollution

During the summer months, Stark County often experiences unhealthy levels of ground-level ozone, commonly called "smog." Cars and trucks are a major source of the pollutants which form ground-level ozone!  Using alternatives to single occupancy vehicles is one way to reduce emissions from cars. Other steps you can take to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks include:

  • Combine errands into fewer trips and do your shopping close to home or work
  • Use radial tires and keep tires properly inflated
  • Keep your car tuned-up and well maintained
  • If you are in the market to buy a car or truck, keep in mind that a more fuel efficient vehicle will also be less polluting
  • Avoid jack rabbit starts and sudden stops, and don't let your vehicle idle unnecessarily.
  • Use gas stations with gasoline vapor recovery nozzles and do not top off the tank