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Green Office Program

Stark State is committed to reducing our carbon footprint in as many ways as possible.  The Green Office Program offers practical solutions and a fun, competitive way to recognize the efforts of Divisions, departments and office areas to help Stark State fulfill our campus sustainability goals.  The program provides three levels of achievement within six categories including: Energy Savings, Recycling & Waste Management, Printing & Purchasing, Transportation, Kitchen & Break Rooms, and Innovation. 

Levels to Certification and Incentives

To begin level one certification, the Sustainability Department will host a “sweet inspiration” meeting for the whole department/area.  Sweet inspirations will review expectations & tools as well as celebrate the benefits of becoming a Green Office. A certificate will be awarded at each level of certification and the SSC Insider will highlight those department/area accomplishments.  At each level, the Sustainability team will provide tools to the department to help them accomplish their certification.

  • Level One:  35% to 45% total points
  • Level Two:  46% to 55% total points
  • Level Three:  56% to 75% total points
  • Green Office Certification: 76% or greater total points

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