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Getting Started: Student Network Accounts and IT Information

All students have several network accounts when enrolled for a credited class at Stark State College.

  • Your myStarkState and email accounts are created when you are accepted to the College.
  • Your Campus Network Account is created before classes start.
  • Your ANGEL account is created within 48 hours of being accepted to the College.

This help aid gives a brief overview of your different accounts, storage spaces and services available to you. It also highlights online locations where you will find additional information regarding your accounts.

ATTENTION: In March of 2011, the default password length changed to a minimum of eight characters. Note that existing Gmail accounts use the old password format until the password is changed by the user. All other accounts use the new password format.

User Name and Password

All of your accounts will use the same format for the User Name and the initial default Password.

Your User Name is the first initial of your first name, your last name, your two-digit birth month and two-digit birth day.

Example: Fredrick M. Last, born on June 15, 1992, would be flast0615

NOTE: If your User Name duplicates that of a previously-enrolled student, the birth day portion of the number will be incremented until a unique user name is assigned to your account.

Your default Password is your first, middle, last initial, period, and the first six digits of your social security number.

Example: using the above user information, and if Fred’s social security number is 123-45-6789, the password would be fml.123456

NOTE: if you did not provide a middle name or initial, use an “x” for your middle initial.

Email Account

Upon your acceptance to the College, an email account is created for you. Your email is used as an official means of communication. You must log on and activate your email account.

Go to and log on using your User Name (followed by and default password.

mystarkstate account

myStarkState is our Web portal that provides access to resources and information for our College community.

Go to and log on using your User Name and default Password.

You may view your student record and transcript, accept your financial aid awards, register for classes, pay online, print your schedule, find your advisor and access links to support services. You may also view the latest campus news and events, as well as personalized announcements and correspondence from the Financial Aid Office.

Campus Network Account

All students are issued a Campus Network account when they enroll for a credit class. This account is used to log on to the academic network available in classrooms and labs on campus.

Go to any campus lab or classroom computer and log on using your User Name and default Password.

Home Folder

Your Campus Network account provides a Home folder for you to save your work on the network.

Shared Folder

The Shared folder is used by faculty to put files in one location for their students to access. All students have this drive available when they log on to the network in a lab or classroom.

Remote Access

You may access your Home folder and the Shared folder when off campus by using Student Remote Access through the Internet by navigating to

Printing on Campus

Students are provided a specific amount of free printing in campus computer labs each semester. You may purchase additional printing credit in the form of Top Up cards at the College Store.

eStarkState (E-learning) ANGEL Account

All students have an ANGEL account that follows the same format listed under the User Name and Password section above. If you are taking Web 3 classes, you will use your ANGEL account to log on and attend classes. Others may use their ANGEL account for Web-enabled classes. Log on to mystarkstate, and click on the eStarkState icon or go to to log on.

Laptop Checkout

Laptops are available for student use on campus. Students may use the wireless access throughout the campus to gain access to the Internet using their Campus Network Account. All laptops are loaded with the latest Microsoft Office Suite. Students may check out a laptop at the Help Desk counter. You must have a photo ID and your Stark State College ID card. For more information and to view our laptop checkout policy, log on to mystarkstate, click on the Help Desk tab and click on the Laptop Checkout Procedure help aid.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is offered to current students and employees on our main campus. You will use your Campus Network account to log on to the STARKSTATE wireless network. Access instructions are located in the Help Desk channel by clicking on the Wireless Access folder and selecting the desired help aid.

Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services offers a wide range of computing, technical and informational services to the Stark State College campus community.

Help is available at our staffed Help Desk Services counter, by phone or email. We also provide 24/7 Online Self Help on myStarkState on the Help Desk tab.

You will find videos and in-depth help aids covering:

  • Student Network accounts
  • ANGEL troubleshooting
  • Online registration tools
  • Online financial aid tools
  • General questions regarding our campus labs and services

ROOM at a GLANCE provides details on:

  • Room views & statistics
  • Classroom schedule
  • Public labs & lounges
  • How to use classroom equipment and software

For more information, view the detailed channels located on the Help Desk tab or call the Help Desk during open hours at 330.494.6170, EXT- 4357 (HELP).