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What Happens to Your Work Request?

When you contact Help Desk Services with a problem or issue, a work request is generated using our online software.

Help Desk Services is designed to offer Level 1 support to all our patrons. We have developed solutions to the most common questions and problems. Our trained staff will assist you to resolve Level 1 issues, and in most cases this takes between 5 to 10 minutes on the phone or in our office. If we cannot resolve your problem, the Help Desk staff will assign your work order to the appropriate Level 2 support personnel.

In addition to work levels, priorities are assigned to each request. Work requests are resolved according to the priority and the technicians respond accordingly.

Please note if our staff or the technician needs additional information, you will be contacted by email. Please check your college email account for correspondence regarding your request.

Once the work order is completed, the solution will be emailed to you, unless specified otherwise in the work request.

Please be aware that Help Desk personnel may not leave the Help Desk Services area to assist you in a classroom. We do however, assign one of the above priorities to your work request and the technicians are notified via text message to their phones. They will respond as soon as they are able to assist you.