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Formulating Your Thesis

There are several different approaches you can use to come up with your thesis.  Remember, there is not just one right way.  What works for you may not work for someone else. 

The Question Approach
First, come up with a question that you would like to explore that you find challenging.  It should not be something to which you already know the answer; it should be something that requires you to think further on the issue/topic.

Note: Your thesis should be an answer to the question, not the question itself.

The Reverse Approach
Write your paper first and then think what it is about. Ask yourself “what is the point?”  Once you figure out your purpose, write and add your thesis.

“What’s My Main Point?” Approach
As you are drafting, think about what you want your main point to be.  Make sure that you have fully identified that point somewhere in your essay.  It should be easy for your audience to follow your discussion.