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Narrowing Your Topic

Perhaps you have ideas for your topic, but they are too broad. Maybe you have too many ideas or not enough.  Whatever the case may be, the following methods can help you generate ideas as well as help you narrow your topic into a more focused, specific idea.

Venn Diagram
A Venn diagram is a picture of two or more overlapping circles that you can fill in with information about your topic. Drawing a Venn diagram allows you to see two subjects side by side, so you can notice similarities and differences.



Start by writing your initial topic idea on the center of your paper. Circle the topic.  Continue jotting down other related ideas, and circle those.  Connect the related ideas to the initial topic or one another with lines.



Tree Diagram
A tree diagram is a diagram using a hierarchical construction. It begins with the initial idea or topic, which can be broken down into subtopics. The subtopics are more focused in nature to help you to narrow down your topic into something more manageable.