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Things to Consider

Think about the placement of your thesis.

Typically the thesis is found early in the essay, but this is not always the case.  Make sure that the placement works well with the organization of your paper.  It needs to flow with your paper, not go against it. 

Use the following link to see a checklist for your thesis statement. Thesis Checklist

Here is an additional source you may use to write your thesis. Developing a Thesis Pamphlet (PDF)

Anticipate revision of your thesis.

Problem: Your paper is concerning another issue than what you stated in your thesis, but it is centered on a main point that you can prove.

Possible Solutions: 

  • Instead of rewriting the entire body of the paper, try to rewrite the thesis.
  • If you want to make your original point, then figure out how to support that in the body of your paper.  Stay true to original ideas if you feel strongly about them.

Problem: You have included a point in your paper that was not included in your thesis.

Possible Solutions:

  • If the point can be connected to your thesis easily, then make sure you include support for the point that would relate it to your thesis.
  • If the point cannot be connected to your thesis, then remove it from body of your paper and work on developing some of your other points.

Problem: You have a solid idea for the thesis, but it is not clearly stated or well-worded.

Possible Solutions:

  • Try to verbalize what your paper is about and write it down.
  • Have someone else read your paper and help you figure out how to word your main point.