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Mail and Safety Services

 Scope of Services

Shipping and Receiving

Monitor, sort and disperse all incoming and outgoing deliveries to the college as well as inter-office deliveries and preparing packages for pick-up. Distribute reprographic materials to departments as they are completed. Transport paper from storage to the main campus for distribution throughout the the college as requested.

Doors, Locks and Lockers

Maintain/repair doors and locks. Provide keys for Security. Monitor and manage locker distribution.

Fire Panels, Alarms and Safety

Maintain and repair fire/security alarms. Monitor fire alarm systems during everyday operations and during construction/renovation work. Schedule annual safety checks with state officials. Install and maintain fire extinguishers. Attend safety council meetings. Keep updated with Security for safety issues. Organize and maintain material safety data sheets.


Mailroom Supervisor

Mailroom Clerk

  • Valerie Novelli