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Sciences Division

The Sciences Division strives to provide students with knowledge to logically analyze complex information in order to make educated judgments critical to their success in 21st century society. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in scientific research, science education, or pre-med; an Associate of Science degree from Stark State College is a great place to start. Students enrolled in our science courses benefit from small class sizes, dedicated faculty, and first-class facilities. Our courses are highly transferable to institutions that are part of the University Systems of Ohio as well as many of the private colleges in Stark County. Students that graduate from our programs are ready to begin their junior year at most four-year universities. With affordable tuition, high academic standards, and personal attention, why not make a science degree from Stark State College your first stop on your pathway to success.

The Sciences Division faculty strive to help students develop strong critical thinking and problem solving skills while building their confidence and reducing the fear that hinders success in these disciplines.

Programs offered by the Sciences Division include:

A Science Learning Center provides free tutoring and other resources to supplement the classroom experience.