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Student Government Senators

Cindy Bruce

Paralegal Studies

It has been a long time, but I was a member of student council throughout high school.  I was a member of the Ladies Helping Social Club (2005-2008).  I recently joined a club at Stark State for foster children.

I am currently not working.  I lost my job last year because my company moved many jobs to Kentucky and Mexico.  I was employed as a secretary/shipping coordinator at the company for more than 13 years.  This led me to become a student at Stark Sate and to obtain more skills.  I am a full-time student here at Stark State.  I am a Paralegal Studies student.  I made the Dean’s List my first semester (Spring 2013) with a GPA of 3.75.  I am very proud of this fact.

I would like to be a voice for women here at Stark State.  I would like to be a voice for African Americans here at Stark State.  I would like to meet new people in my position as a senator and have many wonderful, life-enhancing experiences as a member of Student Government here at Stark State.


Matt Campbell

Associate of Arts (General)

I am involved with the Criminal Justice Association.

I am an Associate of Arts major with a focus in Criminal Justice.  I have spent the past two years living and working in Alaska as a fly fishing guide and instructor.  I am addicted to the sport and in my free time you will find me on the water.  My career goal is to complete Law School and practice Environmental Law.

I want to be an active member of the SGA and be responsive to the students and their needs and desires.  I want to see the student body be more involved and have more opportunities to do so.

It is my desire to be a voice for the student body and enable more participation on campus from the student body.  I would like to open up and create more scholarship opportunities for working adults.


Shelby Lynn Cutright

Political Science

I have been involved with the following:  Business Professionals of America (BPA) Secretary 2012, Business and Marketing Class President 2012-13, Stark State College Holocaust Committee Member 2013.

I come from a business-oriented family.  I have worked for them and other retailers as well – gaining much expertise in customer service, marketing, entrepreneurship and economics.

I will be the voice, eyes and ears of the student body.  I will make sure that regulations are of appeal and that student easily comprehend their responsibilities.  I will also bring forth extracurricular activities that will enable student interaction and education.

My goals stated above are my mission.  I also plan to learn more in regards to what I can do to help the student body and use my office to the maximum of its capable productivity.


Nathaniel Ellgass

CSET – Video Game Design & Development

Currently I am working on increasing interest in the C3 club (animation, graphics and video game design).

At this time I am working in the Admissions Office here at Stark State.

I would like to increase student knowledge about the benefits of student organizations, as well as increase student participation in non-class activities.


Tom Holowecky

Petroleum Industrial Mechanics Technologies

I have been a team member of football, wrestling, track and drama.  I was also a Senior Patrol Leaders as an Eagle Scout in Avon Boy Scouts of America.

I am a sophomore college student (transferred from Lorain County Community College) and employed on a leave of absence with Heinens and Tom’s Country Place.

I would like to develop a network of students where they can find the interest in college campus life.

While holding this position, I would like to survey the students and find what they want to get out of their college experience.


Mariam Sadia

Business Management

I currently am not involved with any clubs on campus.

I am a stay-at-home mom.  I have two children.  This is my first time attending any US educational institution.  I am very excited about this endeavor and looking forward to having a great academic year.

To be honest, as I am new to all this, being a part of the SGA would be a great learning experience for me.  As I learn, I would be able to serve SGA better and in any way I could.

I would like to help Stark State College become a bigger, better place with a safer, healthier learning environment for the students.


Charles Snyder

Fuel Cell Engineering

I am involved with the LGBTS Global group on campus.

I am new to the area from Columbus and manage a restaurant.

My goals for the SGA this year is to make this college a place students can comfortably spend their whole day and not have to leave campus.

While holding this position, I plan to do a lot of networking.