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Teaching and Learning Division

Room: B230
Hours: M-F 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. | Evenings by appointment

The Teaching and Learning Division provides a variety of instructional and counseling support programs to assist students, faculty and staff in achieving their academic, career and personal goals here at Stark State College. The following services are offered:

  • BRIDGE (Building Relationships, Integrating Divisions, Generating Excellence)
    BRIDGE is a faculty team that conducts the College in-class portion of the assessment program and creates on-going opportunities for faculty development. During spring semester, certain faculty members participate with their students in activities to assess students’ general skill levels and to assist teachers in improving in general skills instruction across all divisions of the College. These activities are held in a sampling of various departmental classes; therefore, students may participate in one or more of these sessions during their time at Stark State.
    Students may receive free short-term educational counseling services through the Teaching and Learning Division. Facilitators provide counseling and support groups for issues which affect academic success. Crisis intervention and referral are also available.
    Each term, information regarding college success is presented to students either in the classroom or through free seminars. Stop by room B230 or view the Seminar Calendar for more information.
    The Testing Center is in room M202 and offers both computer-based and pencil-and-paper testing to specific courses. Some courses provide students with computer-based testing. This allows students in those courses to take tests outside of class in the Testing Center within a timeframe of usually three to four days. This service allows for more instructional time in class and also provides the students with an opportunity to become familiar with this technology. This is an additional advantage for students, as many licensure exams are now computer- based.

Since the Teaching and Learning Division is a part of the instructional arm of the college, innovations in programming, such as workshops to assist in preparing for college entry, are provided as a means of consistently enriching the support offerings at Stark State College.