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Writing Center Assessment


The Writing Center at Stark State College contributes to the campus community by providing high-quality assistance to enhance student success through education, scholarship, and service.  


Education: We seek to assist students through synchronous tutoring sessions, provided in-person and online. Because student writers have specific, individual needs, we collaborate with students based on their goals, objectives, and growth.
Writing assistants aim to facilitate and guide discussion with a student about writing and, more specifically, the student’s own texts. Tutoring sessions are an opportunity for students to feel free of judgment and evaluation as they work through the writing process. For this reason, students should expect and receive a certain amount of confidentiality for what goes on in the sessions.

Scholarship: Our writing assistants come to the Writing Center with the ability to carefully and accurately assess their clients’ needs and to collaborate with the students on specific strategies for planning, drafting, revising, and editing documents. However, the writing assistants will not write or edit students’ papers for them, nor will they assess or evaluate any student work.
We seek to contribute to ongoing research and scholarship on writing center practice and theory through reading professional publications, attending relevant conferences, and maintaining an active membership with the Northeast Ohio Writing Centers Association.

We encourage students to assume a sense of scholarship and academic responsibility. In addition to modeling collaboration, honesty, and aptitude through student writing and assignments, we support co-curricular personal writing through our creative writing group, Stark Raving Writers, and our literary journal, Circinus.  

Service: We support faculty from all disciplines and their desire to engage their students critically and actively through writing.We work to support all Stark State students and faculty by reaching out to satellite campuses, Web 3 courses, and the Developmental Writing program.


  1. Meet the varying educational needs of Stark State students.
  2. Promote scholarship for students.
  3. Support professional development for Writing Center staff and college faculty.
  4. Provide high value learning support services to students and faculty.