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Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BIO141  General Biology I (lab)
CHM141  General Chemistry I^ (lab)
Mathematics Elective
BIO142  General Biology II (lab)
CHM142  General Chemistry II (lab)
ENG124  College Composition
Social & Behavioral Science Elective
Written & Oral Communication Elective
Concentration Group Elective
Biology Core Elective

SOC225  Cultural Diversity
Arts & Humanities Elective
Concentration Group Elective

SCI273  Special Topics in Science
Social & Behavioral Science Elective
Biology Core Elective
Concentration Group Elective


An associate of science in biology degree from Stark State builds a foundation for all the career bases: biological research, environmental science, science education or pre-med.

You’ll get plenty of benefits along the way, including small class sizes in first-class facilities where you’ll get individual attention from dedicated faculty.

We offer courses in general biology, anatomy & physiology, principles of microbiology, general genetics, cell and molecular biology, physical geology and, beginning in the fall of 2014, ecology. All the core biology courses include a laboratory, allowing you to apply scientific reasoning while developing your basic lab skills.

A diverse menu of electives includes three online weather courses (meteorology, ocean studies and climate studies). Our courses transfer easily to institutions in the University Systems of Ohio as well as many of the private colleges in Stark County. When you graduate from our program, you’re ready to begin your junior year at nearly any four-year university.

With affordable tuition, high academic standards and personal attention, Stark State’s associate degree in biology is the first step on your pathway to success.

And if you’re thinking of pursuing a career in biological research or secondary science education, you’ll want to check out our associate of applied science in biotechnology. You can earn this degree in conjunction with the associate of science in biology. The AAS-biotechnology degree gives you in-depth, hands-on laboratory techniques that will give you an advantage over traditional AS and BS biology students. You’ll learn techniques such as DNA fingerprinting, RT-PCR, HPLC, spectrophotometry and more.

To find out more, contact our department chair, Dr. Sarah A. Hill, at 330.494-6170, ext. 5380.