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Mechanical Engineering Technology Program

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
MET123  Material Science
DET121  Engineering Drawing
ENG124  College Composition
MTH135  Pre-Calculus
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
MET124  Statics & Strength of Materials
MET225  Manufacturing Processes or AIT122 Machine Tools
DET125  Basic AutoCAD or DET131 Pro Engineer
PHY121  College Physics I with Algebra
COM123  Small Group Communication
MET228  Machine Design
MET221  Advanced Strength of Materials
MET222  Fluid Power
MTH223  Analytical Geometry – Calculus I
MET223  Dynamics
EST130  Electrical Circuits and Devices
MET227  Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
MET226  Technical Project - Mechanical and Design
ENG221  Technical Report Writing
Arts & Humanities Elective


Pre-Engineering Mechanical Engineering
(Articulation to a BS in Mechanical Engineering with the University of Akron)

The purpose of the mechanical engineering technology program is to provide education for the application of scientific and engineering principles in the support of mechanical engineering activities. This associate degree technician program is similar to a bachelor degree, but the associate program places more emphasis on practical application and experience.

As a mechanical engineering technician, students may work in many areas. In design and development, they would prepare sketches, drawings and layouts, and analyze proposed equipment components. Analysis of cost and practical value of design must be incorporated. Therefore, technicians must understand the mechanical principles involving design, tolerance, stress, strain, friction and vibration.

Technicians may become involved in testing equipment and materials for recommending design changes, improving performance or eliminating production problems. Therefore, technicians must be able to conduct projects, record and represent data, analyze results and prepare formal reports.

The program is accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (TAC of ABET).

A graduate of this program will earn an associate of applied science degree in mechanical engineering technology.