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Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
ITD122  Computer Applications For Professionals
ENG124  College Composition
Written & Oral Communication Elective
SOC225  Cultural Diversity SOC121  Sociology
Arts & Humanities Elective
SOC221  Social Problems
SOC123  Dynamics of the Family
Behavioral Sciences Elective
Natural & Physical Sciences Elective
Natural & Physical Sciences Elective
Arts & Humanities Elective

SOC229  The African-American Experience
SOC228  Social Structure and the Individual
MTH124  Statistics
Arts & Humanities Elective
Sociology Elective
Behavioral Sciences Elective

PHL122  Ethics
SOC230  Applied Sociological Methods


Stark State’s new associate of arts degree in applied sociology is a pathway for you to earn your initial sociology credits and then seamlessly transfer your associate degree to a four-year university sociology program for a bachelor’s degree.You’ll then be well-prepared to enter the workforce or go on to graduate and professional schools to earn an advanced degree.

Sociology graduates find jobs in fields as diverse as business management, consulting, corporate administration, insurance, medical administration, politics, realty, religious life, research, social work, teaching and higher education.

Grads work in many professional arenas, including holding positions of political and national leadership. Civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King, for example, earned a degree in sociology.