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Objectives of the AQIP Process

  • Demonstrate that Stark State College meets the five criteria for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and shows continuous, quality improvement in the nine AQIP categories.
  • Involve the entire College community in an ongoing internal and external evaluation of the effectiveness of the College in order to promote a better overall understanding of the College’s mission.
  • To allow Stark State to concentrate on its systems and processes as the basis for quality assurance and as the lever enabling institutional improvement.
  • Demonstrate the College’s commitment to our stakeholders and to advancing the quality of higher education.
  • To maintain accreditation.
  • Streamline the AQIP and strategic planning process.
    • To identify our internal strengths and to determine ways to reinforce them.
    • To identify our internal weaknesses and to develop action projects to solve them.
    • To identify external opportunities and to develop action projects to address them.
    • To identify external threats.
  • Infuse the principles and benefits of continuous improvement in the culture of Stark State College.
  • Provide the information needed to assist with continuous quality improvement leading to focused action projects.
  • Collaborate and network with peer institutions.