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International Students

Stark State College welcomes qualified students from other countries and seeks to make their educational experience pleasant and meaningful.

International students seeking admission to Stark State College must provide the following documents included in the International Student Information Form:

All admissions requirements must be completed two months prior to start date.

  • Proof of English language proficiency. Submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This test is administered throughout the world in major cities. Registration materials for the test may be obtained by applying to

    Box 899
    Princeton, NJ 08541


  • Proof of adequate finances to meet the costs of fees, books, health insurance, room and board off-campus, transportation and personal expenses while attending Stark State College.
  • Proof of satisfactory completion of a program of education which is equivalent to high school in the United States. Any degree, diploma or certificate should be supported by a certified copy of the document and a translated copy where the original is not English.
  • A copy of your VISA/passport and admission number on your I-94 if currently in the United States.

Upon receipt of the aforementioned documents, the applicant for admission as an international student will receive a conditional acceptance letter. The acceptance is conditioned upon the applicant transferring adequate finances to Stark State College, which will be held in trust for the student. The student may withdraw trust account funds to meet reasonable expenses while attending Stark State College. The remainder of the trust account will be returned to the student upon graduation, transfer to another college or termination of attendance and departure from the United States.

Upon the receipt of funds from the applicant, the College will forward a letter of acceptance and the forms necessary to obtain a student visa.

To maintain a satisfactory student status at Stark State College, the international student must:

  • be taking a full course of studies,
  • make satisfactory progress toward the degree goal, and
  • maintain a final balance to cover tuition and fees in the student’s trust account at the College.