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RN Completion for Paramedic

Program Course Sequence

MTH124  Statistics
BIO121  Anatomy & Physiology I
PSY121  General Psychology
ENG124  College Composition
NSG122  Transitions for the Paramedic
NGS141, NSG141L, NSG141C Concepts of Nursing Practice in the Care of Patients with Mental Illness Issues
NSG101  Clinical Reasoning in Current Nursing Practice
BIO122  Anatomy & Physiology II
NSG221, NSG221L, NSG221C Concepts of Nursing Practice in the Care of the Reproducing and Developing Family
NSG241, NSG241L, NSG241C Concepts of Nursing Practice in the Care of Adult Patients with Stable and Unstable Acute Conditions
PSY123  Human Growth and Development
BIO221 Principles of Microbiology
NSG261, NSG261L, NSG261C Concepts of Nursing Practice in the Care of Patients Across the Lifespan with Complex Conditions
SOC121  Sociology


The RN completion for Paramedic degree offers paramedics an avenue to transition into nursing, capitalizing on the skills they have already obtained through emergency service training. This program offers paramedics the Associate Degree Nursing education required for licensure and a foundation to pursue further educational opportunities in nursing.

Applicants to the RN completion for Paramedics Program must be graduates of an accredited paramedic program.

Mandatory Meeting for Paramedics interested in applying to the Nursing Program:

ATTENTION Paramedics! - All Paramedics who wish to apply to the Nursing Program must attend a mandatory orientation meeting. Applications for the RN Completion for Paramedics will only be available at one of the mandatory meetings.